16 wireless alarm zones senior daily life SOS GSM

  • $41.54 GBP

Features :
1)  GSM Quad-band frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz.
2)  16 wireless zones for elderly care, SOS, 7*24 safety applications.
3)  Zone name editable, e.g.: Dad asking for help; Smoke alarm, etc.
4)  Monitoring zone for take care of elderly daily life activities.
5)  Inbuilt temperature monitoring alarm.
6)  High quality 2 way voice talk, audio volume adjustable.
7)  Auto answer phone call from White List.
8)  AC/DC power goes ON/OFF alert by SMS.
9)   Rechargeable backup battery. AC/DC power ON/OFF alert by SMS.
10) Inbuilt temperature monitoring alarm.
11) Easy for use: Push SOS button to talk.
12) Easy installation: Wall mount or put on the desk.
13) Easy operation: Smart phone APP on Google Play (Senior Helper K4) or SMS commands.

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