3-in-1 smartphone lens set

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Fun - Take your smartphone / tablet photography to the next level with 3-in-1 smartphone lens set. This mini set offers 3 high quality, easy to use clip-on lens. 
Fish-eye lens - look cool or silly with a fish-eye effect.
Wide-angle lens - 0.67 wide angle increase image circle, great for taking landscape pictures.
Macro lens - take extreme close-up (less than 1 inch) pictures (10x macro).
Compatible with all Smart Phones
Package Includes:
1 * 180 degree Fish Eye Lens cam
1 *  10x Macro Lens 
1 *  0.67x Wide Angle Lens
1 *  Pouch
1*   Clip

Suitable For: Photo Lovers, Students, Lovers etc.

estimate delivery 3 to 5 weeks

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