Foot Massage Slippers Health Shoe Reflexology Feet Elderly

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Product description

CHECK OUR SIZE IF AVAILABLE FOR YOU. Please check sizing info to ensure your size prior to ordering. One size fits most. Man (8.5-9.5)/Women (10-11). 
There might be 1-3cm(0.39-1.18inch) deviation due to manual measurement.There might be slight colour deviation due to different display. 

1- They will hurt your feet until you get used to them, so just wear them until you work up to 10 minutes.Then you wear them for hours, going up and down and they work great if you have back pain and other pain. If you do not walk well or steady do not buy them, because you have to have a healthy walk to get results. They work also for Arthritis and headaches. Deep foot massage for nerves in the feet. You'll love it. 
2- It gives a great massage, but it takes a long time to get used to them. They would be good for everyone. 
3- Apparently, it's precisely the initial discomfort that signifies just how much you need them and which areas of the body require a little work. 
4- If you're a feflexologist and this way to manage your own reflex points,easily whenever you want. 

Massage Slippers Function:

1.Massage magnetic moxibustion active material both general prevention shoes general four seasons, when the spring raised particles is made, it causes this product to have efficacies of deodorization and antiseptic.

2.Stronger healing function when it is used fifteen minutes per day. it can mitigate a usual problem for female edema. Please use the product after wake up, bath or in office when you want to relax. 

3.Gradually eliminate multiple chronic disease and the health, do this new product on the market for treating after

4.You can wear your health on the foot anytime when you walk, it may bring you a little pain, but it means the massage is working. 


Shoe Sandal Reflex Massage Slippers Acupuncture Foot Healthy Massager Shoe


  • Material:Leather&EVA
  • Color:Black
  • Size 38/39  26cm   10.2''
  • Size 40/41  27.5cm 10.8"
  • Size 42/43  28.5cm 11.2"
  • Note:   We will send the size of 40, if you want other size, please leave us message. thanks  

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