Pet Automatic Feeder 8L large Intelligent Timer Food Multi-functional Remote Control

  • $265.54 GBP

Pet Automatic Feeder 8L large Intelligent Timer Food  Pet Bowl Electronic Multi-functional Remote Control Smart Dog Cat Feeder




1. 8L capacity, It have 2 times capacity compared with usual Auto Feeding, suit for all dogs and cats.

2. Smart phone APP operation, IOS and Android system all can download it.

3. Make a feeding plan for your love pet.(12times is is okay in one day)

4. Fun recording, easy training and interaction

5. Pet feeding reminders---even you was not at home,you can still well know about your pet

6. Special function design, card grain, overflow food, blockage, repeated feeding can be resolved

7. No need to remove the barrel you can feeding directly.

8. Integrated design. environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic, to protect the love of health

9. With a power adapter, easy to use

10. body thickness is 3mm, but ordinary household appliances is 1mm.Even if the pet is a large dog, it is not easy to broken the product down;

11. Foods can contact with the material are edible, the material of this machine is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

12. Push-style food box design, especially suitable for pet which eating too fast. we advocate eat  food slowing concept.

13. unique feeding calibration function is good for the control pet weight and  is particularly helpful for diet.

14.Intimate materials and intentions Structural design is our professional pursuit.

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