Smart Learning Remote control for TV,STB,DVD,DVB,TV Box,HIFI, Universal controller with big buttons easy use for elder

  • $8.54 GBP

1 remote control - 6 buttons - 0 problems

This remote replaces all necessary functions of audio and video remote controls. No more hugh and confusing remote controls.  This remote control learns all functions directly from the original remote control and thereby fits for all brands nonrestrictively.


This remote aims to everyone, who is overstrained or unhappy with his overloaded original remote, because in many cases only the most important buttons like power, volume and channel are used. By abstaining from less often needed button, like menu, this remote is a perfect choice for elderly people, who might be readjusting menu settings with the extensive original remote control accidentally every now and then. This cannot happen when using this remote conttrol.

But as well for everyone else, who is searching for a compact and clear remote control, it is a good alternative.


l  Compact and learnable universal remote control

l  6 well-arranged buttons

l  Avoids adjustments at menus or any other settings

l  Very easy to program and handle

l  Extra large buttons

l  Compatible with all audio/video brands

l  Replaces any audio/video /STB/TV/DVD/DVB/SAT/HIFI/VCD/ IR  remote control

l  Reporgrammable as needed anytime.

l  No delete of setting during change of batteries


1. Not Work For Air Conditioner and Wifi or Bluetooth remote.

2.You must have the original remote control to teach it.

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