Universal Remote control for TV,STB,DVD,DVB,HIFI, 21Keys big button with backlight easy use for elder

  • $10.54 GBP

Big Buttons Learning Remote control for TV,STB,DVD,DVB,HIFI,
Copy code from oringial remote control, then have the same functions as original remote.

1.  21 Big buttons easy use for elderly people, 2 Power buttons.
​2.  Each Key with Backlight, convenient to use in the darkness.
3.  Work with 2xAAA batteries.
​4.  Brand new, 1 year warranty.
​5.  Permanent memory, simple learning function, make your remote easier to use.
6.  Reprogramable as needed anytime
7. No delete of setting during change of batteries.  
8. It is really a good gift for your grandpa/grandma or other old people.
1. Not Work For Air Conditioner and Wifi or Bluetooth remote.
2. If you lost your original remote control please do not buy this item, because it just can work after learned from your original remote control!!!

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